Roof Materials


The material of a roof may vary from lamininated glass, aluminium sheeting and precast concrete. In many parts of the earth ceramic tiles have been the dominant roofing material for centuries. Read More

Roof Constructions


The construction of a roof is identified by its method of back up and how the underneath space is bridged and whether or not the roof is pitched. The pitch is the angle at which the roof rises. Read more

Solar Roofs

Solar roofs
Newer systems cover solar shingles which produce electricity as well as cover the roof. There are also solar systems available that produce hot water or hot air and which can also act as a roof covering.


Newer systems cover solar shingles which produce electricity as well as cover the roof. There are also solar systems available that produce hot water or hot air which can also act as a roof covering.Read more
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General Roofing Specialists Information
General Roofing Specialists Information

General Roofing Specialists Information (4)

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rooferIf you are looking for a reliable flat roof specialist, then you have found him in Danny's United Construction Company. We have over 30 years in the roofing industry.

We do concrete, custom brick, and stone decorative, and colored concrete Including, but not limited to driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls, basement floors, and walls

The owner is on site personally supervising the work.. We handle all types of roofing, including rubber, metal, shingles, slate, PVC membranes, tile roofs, and modified bitumen . Our specialty is with flat roofs.

We use all the major manufacturers products such as Genflex and Firestone to name a couple. We service all of Ohio with offices in Athens and Columbus. Call (614) 316-6519 or (740) 797-2883 (FAX)

Danny's United Construction based in 50 N Court St, Athens, OH 45701

The owner has been working in the business most of his life since his father owned a roofing company, United Roofing. No job is too small or big for our company. We can work on repairs or re-roofing large shopping centers, factory's or houses. We personally estimate your home or building for free. We are able to repair or replace soffits, siding, gutters, and any damaged wood that we find. We can also replace skylights or perform any masonry work on your chimney. Danny's United Construction will definitely have you covered. Our specialty is in flat roofs with all other related fields as well. We have you covered, please call us for your roofing needs.

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Roofing Types

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Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are primarily used on commercial buildings and cover the most space for the dollar. Roof systems in the past used asphalt roofs, and coal tar pitch roofs. The coal tar pitch roofs lasted the longest with life of 50-70 years. They were difficult to install with the fumes being very carcinogenic. The tar had a low melting point and would reseal itself. The roofs could only be used on roofs less then 1/4 inch to the foot. Asphalt roofs were installed with asphalt and paper felt, but are now being used with fiberglass felts. These roofs could be used with more slope but would not last as long as coal tar pitch roofs. They would mostly be covered with pea gravel and would be hard to find leaks when they occurred.


Rubber Roofs or EPDM


Rubber roofs come in large sheets up to 50 ft wide, so there's less seams and less chance of leaks, and have 300% elasticity. They are easy to repair like repairing a bike tire. The cons are they are non-resistant to oil, so can not be used on restaurants. They are also easy to puncture.



PVC Roofs


PVC Roofs are used for their puncture, fire and oil resistance, and they are heat welded for a strong seal. PVC Roofs come in a wide spectrum of colors, along with white so you can save on air conditioning costs. They have flexibility in low and high temperatures as well.



Modified Bitumen


These roofs can be applied with hot asphalt, torch applied, or self-adhered, making a strong seal, however this type of roof is only made in in 3 ft wide sheets. They are not oil resitant, however are very cheap to install. You can also coat membrane this roofing type to reflect the sunlight to save on electric costs.



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